Why are raw materials important?

Nothing works without raw materials!

Many industries are currently experiencing supply bottlenecks. Each of us has probably already felt the effects of this in our everyday lives. Like the neighbor who needed a new garden shed and couldn’t get one made of wood. Or the friend who has been waiting for weeks for the sofa she ordered. The acquaintance whose bicycle repair dragged on because the spare part simply couldn’t be found. … not to mention the purchase of a new car. Above all, this unusual situation made us very aware of one thing: how much we take for granted that we can always get everything everywhere. As if raw materials were available in unlimited quantities at any time.

In reality, however, things are quite different. Raw materials are not available in unlimited quantities. At the same time, the demand for them is constantly increasing: the world population is growing, so is economic growth, and more and more electronic devices are in circulation.

A treasure we must protect

We must therefore use our natural resources carefully and responsibly. Because nothing works without raw materials. Let’s take renewable raw materials such as grain or animal products: They feed us. Take non-renewable raw materials such as fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil: without them, our economy would stand still – and not only that. Take metals and metal ores: Without them, our everyday life would look completely different. No modern electrical device would work, no battery would be produced, no smartphone would ring. We should value raw materials much more! No quick throwing away, but conscious, sustainable action. Recycling must play an even greater role worldwide. At present, we use products every day that consist mainly of primary raw materials, i.e. those that come directly from natural sources. Yet recycled, so-called secondary raw materials could serve the same purpose.

At pektogram, we want to help turn the raw materials industry around from the inside out with our ideas for new business models and digitization. Because there is huge potential here to make the world a place worth living in for all of us. After all, raw materials comprise more than a third of all goods in global trade. And worldwide, we extract around 70 billion tons of raw materials per year. However, too much is still going on in this traditional sector according to old patterns. And “business as usual” will no longer work in the future. Particularly in the areas of sustainability and digitization, something has to change quickly to ensure that the industry is fit for the future and assumes the social responsibility it deserves. There are many levers that can be pulled here. And even the smallest changes in the raw materials industry will have a huge impact on our planet and our society. We are convinced of that. In the long term, no society will exist on the planet if the economy and nature are not in harmony. So let’s start changing.


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