How the idea of pektogram was born …

No more stagnation - or how the idea of pektogram was born

You all know it: You know you have to change something, no matter if at work or at home (for example the cellar is waiting, which urgently needs to be cleared out). But how and when should you do it? Often the change gets stuck at this question. With the basement, it’s not a big deal. But in the case of companies that need to make themselves fit for the future, “getting stuck” has major consequences. Let’s take the raw materials industry and here in particular Possehl Erzkontor – the starting point of our foundation.

At the beginning of 2020, Jan Weber became the new CEO there. Already in the middle of the year, he brought Olli to his side as a consultant. The goal was to set up and manage a strategy process. A few months later, Jasper joined Erzkontor as a digital transformation consultant. His focus was on trend and startup scouting to drive innovation capabilities. Important questions were: What is happening out there? What does this mean for Erzkontor? What are the customers actually doing and what are their problems? It quickly became clear that some pain points are caused by analog communication and interaction. The first prototypes and interviews for a customer platform proved this: There is huge potential for new digital products.

Seizing the opportunities of transformation

It also became clear that standing still means one thing above all: danger. Erzkontor must take active action and change in order to seize the opportunities of transformation. But who should drive the transformation process? As with many companies, there was simply a lack of time within the company’s own ranks to deal with all the radical, disruptive changes required for transformation in addition to day-to-day business. Thus the need for a competent partner and for the “Movement” pektogram was there!

In the raw materials industry, there is hardly an awareness of sustainability and digital tools so far. On the contrary: they are rather perceived as a threat to the current business model. At the same time, nothing works in our everyday lives without raw materials; the raw materials industry is the starting point for quite a few other industries. Consequently, there is a huge lever for positive change right here: Even small innovations have a big impact. Nevertheless, hardly anyone has stood out as a real gamechanger in the industry so far. We want to change that with pektogram.

To this end, we have created a protected space that is fully attuned to the necessary change – as an independent company. This independence is enormously important if we want to adapt the values and processes to the challenges without being business-blind and simply taking over a lot. Possehl Erzkontor benefits from our independent view, and at the same time we profit from the network of Erzkontor (and the Peter Cremer Group) and can push change.

Actively shaping change in the raw materials industry

Our vision: We believe in a world worth living for everyone. To achieve this, we want to actively shape the transformation of the traditional raw materials industry from within and, above all, bring about the urgently needed sustainable shift on the basis of digital tools. The goal is to provide powerful tools that incorporate sustainability as an important factor in decision-making processes. For example, at what point can primary raw materials be replaced by recycled products? Even contexts such as the supply chain complexity of the country of origin can be considered in the decision.

Even though we think big, we are of course aware that a startup alone will not revolutionize the raw materials industry. That’s something the big players in the old economy have to want and accomplish themselves. With our ideas, we want to help. Because in the long term, no society on the planet will exist if the economy and nature are not in harmony. This conviction drives us. Every day.


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